Healthy Eating

I ran into a few residents at culvers. After talking and getting our food we both walked to it cars which were parked across from berryO. Even though getting fast food isn’t super healthy, we burned a few extra calories walking to or cars in a different parking lot.



Fiesta Night

A few residents and I started an impromptu fiesta with homemade quesadillas, chips, salsa, and mariachi music. Residents from all backgrounds attended and enjoyed the party as they passed by, or as they had a bite to eat.


Closing Board

As the semester comes to an end, there are some things that need to be done before you check out. Remember to return things like lofts and books. Sign up for a time to do pre-check outs and actually check outs. When it’s time for your check out, remember to have all stuff out of your room and be ready at the time you sign up for.


Surviving Finals Board

With finals week coming up, the new board gives tips on how to make it through finals week successfully. Tips include studying early, finding another student in the class to study with, and taking a break when needed.