Black History Month

February is Black History Month, so I put up a board celebrate the accomplishments of 8 individuals. Some are well known, like Martin Luther King Jr., and some aren’t known as well, like Sojourner Truth, but they all contributed something great to the world.



Religious Diversity 

The new Bulletin Board is about religious diversity. This helps to give an understanding to what people believe in and the history of the religion. This can be useful to treat people who are different or have different beliefs with respect.


New Bulletin Board

The new bulletin board, Rethink the Stigma, show celebrities who have or had a mental disease. This is designed to show that you might not know if a person has a mental disease, and if they do, they can live a completely normal life.



As the year starts, I started out with a few helpful hints/reminders. On the Avengers (our wing theme) bulletin board, I included tips such as people to talk to for help.